Family Wealth Transition

It is a proven pattern in all societies that wealth cycles from shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves in three generations. Why is this pattern so prevalent and how can a family sustain wealth over generations?

Our goal is to help you attain prosperity with purpose. We work with families to help ensure that they are taking steps to adequately prepare heirs for managing wealth, and help facilitate wealth transfer over your lifetime.

At Canadian Family Futures, we believe that as your children and grandchildren grow up, it is important to teach them about your family values, philanthropy, and their inheritance. By having these conversations with your family, you will give them the tools they need for successful wealth transition.

Family Futures Diagram

The Family Financial Roundtable has been created to enable these conversations in a safe, open and honest environment. Through these meetings, we help your family talk about your financial matters together. Our team works with your family to ensure these conversations are respectful, accountable and relevant to your family’s unique needs.


The Family Financial Roundtable will help your family develop:

  • Clear agreements and understandings about the future of your wealth
  • Effective and profitable businesses and investments
  • Clarity of roles and relationships in management and governance
  • New leadership and the passing of responsibility, ownership and capabilities
  • Individual development of skills to deal with financial complexity and expert advisors
  • Positive supportive relationships amongst family members